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Heidi Strommen Named TMPAA President Elect

The Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA) announced that Heidi Strommen has been elected to serve as the TMPAA President following the completion of current President David Springer’s term in January 2015.

“The TMPAA has a history of strong leadership provided by past presidents, the Advisory Board and talented staff members, all of whom have helped make the Association the effective organization that it is today,” stated Heidi Strommen. “Dave Springer continued that tradition these last two years and has done a superb job as President. I’m looking forward to continuing to build on Target Market’s strengths by working with all stakeholders to determine the best alignment of the Association’s products and services with their needs. Data-driven strategies will be particularly important in the coming months and we will be working diligently to develop and deliver more offerings that address this crucial area in a useful way. As a charter member, I have enjoyed 13 years of building strategic partnerships which have played an integral role in our company’s program administration success.  Helping program specialists build those key partnerships and make those connections will remain the TMPAA’s core mission as we move ahead.”



2nd Annual Targeting Talent Trophy

10 Day Educational
Assignment in London
Sponsored by Tysers

"We now have a clearer picture of how we can incorporate Surplus Lines business into our philosophy of transacting business. This will bring future growth, balance and stability to Bellingham Underwriters."  – Scott Young, 2013 Tyser's Trophy Recipient

Tysers, working with the TMPAA, is proud to sponsor the Second Annual “Targeting Talent Trophy” which looks to provide an individual, from a Program Administrator member of the Association, the opportunity to travel to London for a 10 day educational assignment during the spring of 2015. The successful applicant will leave London with a comprehensive understanding of how Program Business is transacted in the London market.

Click here to see the complete quote from last year's winner, information regarding requirements and application.