Women's Leadership Group

The TMPAA Women’s Leadership Group exists to champion equality, progressive opportunity, and meaningful representation for women within the insurance industry, particularly in the program business space. Despite comprising 60% of the industry's workforce, women continue to face barriers to achieving leadership roles and demonstrated equity.

Our mission is to inspire, connect, and elevate talented female leaders. Comprised of women in the C-suite to mid-level management to aspiring leaders, this group aims to support women as a transformative force in program business.


Build and Leverage Collective Intellect and Influence: We aim to harness the collective intellect and influence of our diverse membership to support and advance women within the industry. By pooling our resources, expertise, and networks, we can amplify our impact and drive meaningful change.

Create a Pipeline of Leaders: Our group is dedicated to cultivating a robust pipeline of female leaders who possess the skills, confidence, and opportunities to ascend to high-impact positions within the program business sector. Through mentorship, professional development initiatives, and networking opportunities, we aim to equip women with the tools they need to become game-changers in our industry.

Advocate for Equity and Access: We are committed to advocating for equity and access to opportunity for talented women at all levels of the industry. Whether advocating for policies that promote gender diversity in leadership, challenging systemic biases, or creating inclusive environments where women can thrive, we seek to dismantle barriers and foster a culture of equality and opportunity.


Heidi Strommen, Chair – Distinguished Programs
Lisa Doherty – Business Risk Partners
Erin Hamrick – Sterling James
Rekha Skantharaja – Tangram
Amy Malanaphy – Allianz
Dawn D’Onofrio – WKFC 
Dawnmarie Black – Lloyd’s
Denise Olson – K2 Insurance Services

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