History and Mission

The Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA) is an organization dedicated to the unique challenges of Program Specialists. The TMPAA defines Program Business as insurance products targeted to a niche market or class, generally representing a book of similar risks placed with one carrier. Administration is done through Program Specialists who have developed an expertise in that market or class. Administrative responsibilities are negotiated between the Specialist and Carrier, but would include underwriting selection, binding, issuing, billing, and often times marketing, premium collections, data gathering, claims management/loss control and possibly risk sharing. Program Specialists typically target their niches through differentiation either in product, risk management services, delivery mechanism or price. Specialists can distribute these programs on a retail, wholesale, or direct basis.

History & Growth

Target Markets began as a concept at the First Annual Summit in Tempe, AZ (October 16-18, 2001), with a business plan to align only with specialists in programs. The goal was to provide more efficient access to decision-makers in programs and the resources required to run a successful program operation. After receiving the enthusiastic support of those attendees, an executive director was hired in January 2002 and began developing membership in this new association. After three successful annual summit meetings, the association added a mid-year event in 2004. The most recent TMPAA events attracted almost 1000 program business professionals to the annual summit in October and close to 700 at the mid-year in May.

As of January 2021, Target Markets has grown to 495 members, 327 of which are agencies who specialize in programs. The TMPAA now has 65 carrier partners committed to program business who provide unprecedented access to decision makers from these companies at both national meetings, allowing both the administrator and company to forge successful partnerships for new program business opportunities. The association also has a group of over 100 elite service provider members offering business solutions for TMPAA members.


One core element of the TMPAA mission is to promote excellence for this most elite segment of insurance intermediaries, program administrators/MGAs. Target Markets has developed a protocol and criteria to evaluate the program business operations of Association members. Participation in a Best Practice evaluation encourages applicants to review their current level of functioning, look for greater efficiencies in the way they currently do business, and ultimately be recognized by program business professionals as a best in class operation. The TMPAA Best Practice Designation will not only benefit members through critical reviews and improvements in agency function, but through enhanced market image, product promotion and recognition from their peers.

Target University is open for program business education and assists program specialists in managing their operations, raising the industry standards for program business, and providing the CPL Designation (Certified Programs Leader) to members who complete the University coursework and meet the CPL criteria.

The Association's commercial website, Target Programs, continues to drive business to agency members who participate and have their programs listed on the site. Target Programs, through its regular communication to a large database of independent retail P&C agents, attracts the attention of the retail agent community as they search to find coverage for their insured's. Individual electronic marketing is now offered at prices well below current market value in addition to the program marketing provided as part of participation. 

TMPAA Charities was created in 2006 as a vehicle to provide its members the opportunity to share their financial success with others who may need assistance. Since its inception, TMPAA Charities has provided over $100,000 dollars supporting active duty military, scholarships to support students in Risk Management or Insurance and micro business loans through Kiva.

As the only Association that focuses on program business, the TMPAA has conducted 7 “State of Program Business” studies since 2011 that have tracked the size and scope of this industry segment. The study is frequently quoted in publications discussing programs and has solidified the group's premiere status in the industry. The 2017 study pegged the size of program business at $40.5 billion which accounts for over 10% of the entire commercial insurance marketplace.

With the assistance of the working committees, board members and individual contributions of Association members, Target Markets will continue to develop new and innovative solutions to address the challenges of program administration and provide tangible assistance for those who make their living in Program Business.


View the Bylaws of the TMPAA.