TMPAA Charities

TMPAA Charities

The Target Markets Program Administrators Association created TMPAA Charities in 2006 as a vehicle to provide its members the opportunity to share their financial success with others who may be in need of assistance. TMPAA Charities is incorporated as a 501c3 organization and, as such, all contributions are tax deductable. The operational concept for TMPAA Charities is to select one or two specific charitable organizations (also registered as 501c3's) each year to support. Information about the selected organizations is announced at the Association's annual Mid Year Meeting with fundraising completed by the previous year's Annual Summit Meeting.

The TMPAA Charities Board of Directors will review all TMPAA member-proposed grantees that qualify as non-profit organizations assisting in the promotion of two overall areas of achievement:

  • Educational Initiatives 
  • Business Incubational initiatives

The TMPAA Charities Board is now accepting funding applications submitted by TMPAA members to choose our beneficiaries.

Since its inception, TMPAA Charities has provided over $75,000 dollars in grants to organizations selected by Association members and approved by the Charities Board.  In addition, donations have also supported our "Packages from Home" initiative that provided more than 700 care packages and letters to our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Our initial investments in the micro loan organization, KIVA, has allowed us to support hundreds of small businesses in the developing world and now in the US.

Read one of the thank you notes received from the 2013 Mid Year Meeting "Packages from Home" effort.