Workshops & Presentations


2:00 PM

Mergers, Acquisitions and Valuation Outlook for Program Business 
Jeremy Hitzig, Starfish Specialty Programs (Moderator)
John Kraska, Dowling Hales
Gerard Vecchio, MarshBerry
Kevin Donoghue, Mystic Capital
Andrew Cochran, Waller Helms Advisors

Insurance deal-making was down for the first half of 2022, is a rebound expected? How will inflation, interest rates and economic instability impact mergers, acquisitions and valuations in 2023?

Come listen to a panel of deal-making experts discuss key drivers of PA valuations and provide their outlooks to help inform decision making for your program business operation.


4:00-5:00 PM

INDUSTRY SPEAKER: David Howden, Founder & CEO, Howden Group Holdings



8:30 AM


KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Leader, Basketball Legend, and Successful Entrepreneur 


11:45 AM -1:30 PM

Women's Leadership Lunch  [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]


2:00 PM

Using Equity Vehicles to Attract and Retain Key Employees
Greg Thompson, Emeritus TMPAA Advisory Board Member (Moderator)
Ken Jordan, Smith and Wilkinson
Diana Estrada, Wilson Elser
Tom Gillingham, NFP
Bob Kimmel, K2 Insurance Services
Bill Mecklenburg, Alliant Underwriting Solutions

The current and future success of your business is highly dependent on the ability to attract and retain knowledgeable, talented and motivated people. Human capital is currently at a premium, and many companies are struggling to recruit and keep key employees. Some of our members are reporting incidents of their existing staff being offered huge salary increases. Many are finding that hiring qualified people is challenging. A viable solution to address this trend involves sharing profits and/or ownership with tenure incentives.

Attend this presentation and learn about various equity vehicles available, how to implement them, and hear from your peers who have used them successfully.


4:00 PM

Dystopian DC:  The Insurance Consequences
Joel Wood, CIAB

This presentation will address the upshot and potential fallout of the midterm elections in November with a focus on commercial insurance brokerage. Political polarization has rocked the country for the past six years, and a deeply unhappy electorate has led to a crisis of legitimacy. Amid this dysfunction, is it more or less likely that an agenda of positive legislation for the insurance community if control of one or both chambers of Congress is flipped? Or, conversely, what kind of bad stuff might be coming our way that we need to stop? Broker consolidation has reached epic peaks, and we will attempt to contextualize the M&A activity with public policy consequences.



8:30 AM


A Critical Assessment of the Global Economy 
Ron Insana, CNBC Senior Analyst and Commentator

Attendees can expect:

  • Current economic outlook – Will there be a recession? How high will interest rates go? When we expect an economic rebound?
  • Discussion about post-pandemic factors including labor shortages and the impact of more expensive capital
  • Overview of economic factors impacting the Insurance industry and your business