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Company Description

For more than 20 years, I-Engineering, Inc. has provided trailblazing technology solutions for Program Administrators, Wholesale Brokers, MGSs/MGUs, Carriers and London Syndicates. Utilizing advanced engineering, we offer unique cloud-based systems that streamline services throughout the insurance sector. Our suite of solutions, features, and functionality provide a complete automated business process and workflow that can be tailored to your company's unique business needs.

I-Engineering's all in one system, ALIS, the All Lines Insurance Suite, is a cloud-basedplatform, providing a truly all in one solution to meet your company's needs. Through the centralized architecture, ALIS can process submissions, rate, quote, bind, issue policies, and provides document storage and management, accounting and claims components.

Description of Product or Services you would like to promote in the Association:

I-Engineering creates integrated cloud-based solutions. ALIS, our all-in-one solution, encompasses the submission, rate, quote, bind and policy issuance processes. ALIS, also offers fully integrated accounting, document management and claims components that allow for complete insurance processing. With ALIS, your company can realize increased efficiency by seamlessly eliminating the need to re-key or maintain multiple software platforms. With its sophisticated workflow engine and reporting utilities, ALIS will optimize proficiency within any organization. 

PUMAA, our Policy Underwriting Management and Agent Access system, is designed to interface with our flagship systems, ALIS, or any other agency management backend system. A powerful customized underwriting platform with Agent/Insured access, PUMAA is tailored to empower Program Administrators to quickly bring new products to market.

How does your product or service specifically target/benefit Program Administrators:

ALIS, our All-in-One Insurance Software solution, provides cloud-based, automated solution that drives efficiency. ALIS eliminates keystrokes and provides enhanced ways to view data via ALIS dashboards and an outside agent portal. ALIS allows for custom development for rating, business rules, issuance and reporting for program specific business, allowing Program Administrators to tailor a system to meet your organization and program needs. ALIS can also integrate with other third-party software via web service or API to provide a truly seamless user experience. ALIS has its own correspondence and document repository and integrates with third-party such as risk data aggregators, inspection companies, finance companies, and other management systems.

PUMAA, our Policy Underwriting Management & Agent Access system, generates policies, start to finish, in record time. PUMAA enhances your speed-to-market and increases productivity across your business.

  • Allows any product or line of business
  • Agent/Insured Access - Allow agents or insureds to rate, quote and submit
  • UW Access - Allows your underwriters to access, modify, approve quotes, bind and issue and maintain the policy throughout its lifecycle
  • Allows custom workflows and configurations
  • Manage your own rates, configure complex UW rules and endorsement rules in the admin
  • Auto-Marketing Feature - Auto-marketing for all your open quotes
  • Can handle up to five market split contracts on a policy, automatically
  • Rolling Aggregate Manager
  • Complete Binding Moratorium Facility

What differentiates your product from others in the marketplace?

I-Engineering provides innovative, cloud-based solutions, geared specifically to Program Administrators, MGAs/MGUs and Coverholders. I-Engineering has exceptional customer service and the experience to tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs. Our flagship product, ALIS, makes end to end processing seamless, coupled with enhanced features, such as reporting dashboards and an agent portal. ALIS provides an all-encompassing solution to meet your organization's unique needs. I-Engineering's PUMAA provides a powerful underwriting platform that generates policies, start to finish, in record time. PUMAA will integrate with any backend system and allow agent and insured access. I-Engineering's suite of cloud-based solutions streamlines your business and let you put the focus back on your clients.