Input 1, LLC

Input 1, LLC

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Contact: Chris Farfaras


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Company Description

Since 1984, Input 1 LLC has been a leading provider of products and services to the insurance industry. Our focus is on the billing of property and casualty insurance premiums. We provide comprehensive outsourcing solutions and customizable, automated receivable management tools for insurance carriers, general agents, and banks – which can be integrated into virtually any system. Our intuitive, client-facing services such as multi-policy single bill, online bill presentment, online payments, and payment reminders via email and text, make us a reliable resource for business solutions. More than one million agents, brokers, and policyholders experience our services every day. With over 25 years of consistent growth, and a knowledgeable group of professionals devoted to the success of our customers, Input 1 provides stability and sustainability for the long run – a true partner for accelerated growth.

Today we have over 40+ program manager clients utilizing one of our many billing products or services to help facilitate and grow their business.  What are you waiting for?

Description of Product or Services you would like to promote in the Association:

Input 1 provides these unique services to insurance companies, managing general agents, and program administrators: 

Billing-as-a-Service | Direct Bill | Complete digital installment billing services and payment solutions

Fully integrated premium finance option

Secure and easy online payment services (using credit card/debit card and ACH), at ZERO COST to your company

How does your product or service specifically target/benefit Program Administrators:

Input 1 is the only billing and payments company of its kind that manages all processes associated with the premium collections of an insurance account. From receipt of a new account, through the expiration and renewal of a policy, to providing a secure and easy to use online payment portal - we cover the entire billing and payments premium lifecycle. 


Program Administrators retain control while their billing and payment processes are expertly managed with their interest in mind. Input 1 streamlines back-office processes so companies can focus on writing more business. Our highly affordable billing and payments solution is a competitive advantage that enhances the customer experience. 

Digital Payment Solutions (Credit/Debit and ACH)

Our secure and easy-to-use online payment solution integrates with existing platforms or can be utilized on a stand-alone basis. Providing data protection and a secure payment experience are our top priorities. Input 1 is PCI-DSS compliant, and we undergo annual SOC 1 and 2 level audits. We keep all cardholder data out of our clients' network. Input 1 Payments is NO COST to your company, which means no monthly fees, no setup fee, and no account fees.

Fully Integrated Premium Finance/Paid-in-Full Option

Input 1's integrated premium finance solution is a zero-cost solution that allows administrators to offer a highly competitive and digital payment option at point-of-sale and requires no additional steps to complete. Agents can win more deals by quickly presenting a potential policyholder with attractive payment terms. Our premium finance solution results in a higher closing rate and fewer policy cancelations due to missed payments, creating higher profit margins for Insurance Carriers and Program Administrators. 

What differentiates your product from others in the marketplace?

  1. Transparent Pricing Model - No hidden fees, which allows program administrators to choose a solution that best fits their needs (installment bill, agency bill, paid-in-full, premium finance and/or stand-alone payment services)
  2. Time to Market - You can implement our installment bill service in as little as 90 days.....premium finance within one week.
  3. Dependability/Reliability – We are an experienced vendor with over 34 years in the business. Input 1's products and services are used by some of the largest insurance carriers and finance companies in the U.S.