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Company Description

Description of Product or Services you would like to promote in the Association:

Ferro provides insurers and/or program administrators with a direct link to insured data via our collaborative platform. Set your program apart by creating a custom underwriting and ongoing customer experience flow for your insureds with our application wizard, asset schedule wizard and much more. Give your insureds the experience they are looking for while eliminating friction points at each stop along the distribution channel. Clients, the service desk, and the underwriting desk will all thank you.

Ferro not only entirely automates the data gather process eliminating the need for pdf docs, excel docs and word docs. We also support the ongoing needs of the insured throughout the course of the policy term by supporting service, claims, certificates and much more.

How does your product or service specifically target/benefit Program Administrators:

Ferro provides program administrators with the ability to create a completely custom environment for their insureds to engage with their program when it comes to underwriting/renewals, ongoing policy term maintenance, and much more. The benefits to the insured are immense in terms of time saving, organization, ease of transacting insurance business and overall risk management. The benefits the program administrator are dramatically improved Op Ex, retention, and increased sales. 

What differentiates your product from others in the marketplace?

In the middle and large market space, there isn't a direct competitor. In small commercial, there are a couple. What differentiates Ferro is our "insured-centric" approach whereby we treat the insured as the focal point upon which to build the distribution channel.