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Company Description

Description of Product or Services you would like to promote in the Association:

ClaimDeck is a web based platform that streamlines data exchange between those managing litigation and law firms to lower the litigation expense and indemnity payments. ClaimDeck will reduce the burden to keep track of hundreds of claims and law firm relationships. It will create a space for more efficient, uniform and transparent case management and reporting. ClaimDeck provides a live dashboard to review litigation progress.  Additional stakeholders can also be given access to the platform to make their information and process contributions more streamlined and give them access to view relevant data.  Finally, the platform functions as a database that provides analytical insights for those persons involved in the direct claims handling and those in a more senior oversight role.

How does your product or service specifically target/benefit Program Administrators:

ClaimDeck lowers the loss adjustment expense for insurance companies by creating a space for more efficient, uniform and transparent claim and case management to reduce the burden on claim managers and automate menial tasks for law firms all while capturing important data to be used for business intelligence.

What differentiates your product from others in the marketplace?

ClaimDeck is the first web-based product to put the claims professional and legal counsel on a shared, transparent platform for the management and execution of the insurance claims and legal defense process. It does this on a user-friendly UX/UI platform that tackles the inefficiencies in the claims litigation processes by bringing transparency, control, uniformity, and data analytics thereby enabling continuous process improvement. ClaimDeck aligns the claims department and the law firm by bringing them together, to work together, within one platform with ease of data exchange, including communication and documents, and real-time updates of the status of the case.