Cloverleaf Analytics

Cloverleaf Analytics

300 W. 6th Street
Austin, TX 78701


Contact: Robert Clark


P (512) 361-7173

Company Description

Description of Product or Services you would like to promote in the Association:

Cloverleaf Analytics is the leader in insurance intelligence solutions, having evolved from Business Intelligence (BI) into providing advanced tools using ML and other emerging technologies to empower carriers to achieve unparalleled growth. Cloverleaf enables carriers in diverse lines of business to create modern products that help insurers remain competitive against new market entrants while redefining what consumers and businesses understand as the meaning of insurance value.

How does your product or service specifically target/benefit Program Administrators:

Cloverleaf offers insurers a holistic and strategic approach to blending emerging technologies with legacy technology, coupled with insurance-centric knowledge and insights from actuaries and data scientists. This enables insurers to benefit from what Cloverleaf calls "Insurance Intelligence". Insurance Intelligence is about starting from the business problems and customer value for example predicting new risks, creating modern products, and improving profitability, and then determining what customized technology environment using emerging and traditional technologies with other insights can solve these problems.

What differentiates your product from others in the marketplace?

There is no other insurance-centric technology vendor that has mastered the ability to create insurance intelligence solutions bridging legacy and emerging technologies around customer problems. For insurers that are curious about AI or ML, they often turn to a horizontal cloud provider that does not have the decades of insurance-specific expertise that serves as the foundation for Cloverleaf. Other insurtechs are primarily focused on eliminating all legacy solutions for AI tools and tricks that do not deliver immediate and long-term value. This also puts insurers in a poor position to transition their business and customer relationships in a logical and well-timed manner. Cloverleaf's solutions can be deployed within weeks and not months and years for insurers to begin transforming their growth trajectories and customer relationships.