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Howden Tiger

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Founded in 1994, Howden Broking is a global specialist reinsurance / insurance broker. Underpinned by data, technology and analytics, we deliver retail, specialty, and reinsurance broking, and employee benefits solutions to clients from individuals to the largest companies in the world. Howden is employee owned at our core. This means that providing outstanding service and solutions to our clients is personal to us. In 2022, Howden is executing on its strategy to become a top five global reinsurance broker, with a significant US brand, specializing in Program Business. In June 2022, Howden launched Howden Programs, with a market leading US team coming on board to manage and execute Howden's Program business plan. The team has significant experience working with MGA's, Fronting/Specialty carriers and required reinsurance solutions, which benefit TMPAA members. Howden has always believed in the MGA Program space, highlighted by ownership of DUAL, the global MGA that Howden launched 20+ years ago and still owns today.

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We are program specialists! Program Business is one of the core pillars of Howden's global business and will be a central focus in the US market. We have the most experienced, successful team of Program Brokrers in the industry. This team helps TMPAA members be their best and supports all stakeholders achieving their goals. Over the past three years, we have placed over $5 Billion of GWP into the insurance/reinsurance market. We have assisted numerous start up fronting companies/MGA's with all aspects of their operations; helping to create more options for TMPAA members.