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VIPR Solutions

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Contact: Caroline Hanan


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Company Description

Description of Product or Services you would like to promote in the Association:

VIPR Solutions’ product ecosystem has been driving efficiencies in the Program Business space for over 13 years, now with over a third of Lloyd’s managing agents using a VIPR product.

  • VIPR Portal is a digital gateway, enabling Coverholders/Carriers and Program Administrators to upload bordereaux directly to the platform or integrate via the API Gateway providing secure and efficient data sharing capabilities.
  • VIPR Intrali is a software solution for Bordereaux processing and management. Standardising large amounts of bordereaux data, it quickly imports, validates and converts multiple data formats to a single template determined by the user. All this is underpinned by an intuitive user interface that makes Intrali quick and simple to use. 
  • VIPR Intarga provides workflow management and processes for coverholder/carrier approval, due diligence and monitoring, as well as audit management and binding authority management. It provides a diary alert system to highlight deadlines, ensuring our clients know what needs to be done, when and by whom.
  • VIPR Data Cloud provides a single repository for all data processed through the VIPR Platforms. Data Cloud allows data to be shared securely with those inside and outside an organisation, replacing unsecure data transfer methods and ensuring that all parties have a common and consistent view of risk, premium and claims data.
  • VIPR Insights offers a fast and efficient solution to data analysis and management. By rendering transparent processes, it helps organisations to fully understand their business and the associated risks. A straightforward report builder, the key objective of Insights is to highlight areas of underperformance and improve the quality of underwriting results across our client's Program Business portfolio, by displaying a variety of KPIs that track and monitor Premium, Risk and Claims as well as Operational Efficiency against particular targets. The flexibility of the product allows users to view key metrics across multiple filters and at differing levels of granularity, to enable a more precise level of analysis into policy data, enabling a greater level of understanding into their underwriting.
  • VIPR Managed Service - the team to manage your bordereaux processing, including binder setup, bordereaux retrieval, map creation, bordereaux upload.

How does your product or service specifically target/benefit Program Administrators:

VIPR’s products allow coverholders/carriers, MGAs and Third Party Administrators to differentiate themselves from their competition by:

Allowing consistent data to be shared downstream and upstream with brokers and insurers.

This can be via:

  • Traditional bordereaux
  • Real time data exchange via API
  • Direct exchange of analytics

- Enabling them to track their own underwriting and operational performance.

What differentiates your product from others in the marketplace?

VIPR's combined product offering improves the management of data, driving operational efficiencies, and addresses the ever-growing compliance and regulatory burdens with coverholders/carriers, MGAs and TPAs. A trusted model with +40 international clients to date.

  1. Our products have proven themselves since 2009, processing significant volumes (40% GWP in Lloyds marketplace comes from Delegated Authority business. This equates to roughly £16Billion in premium).
  2. Our ability to address all 3 pillars of the value proposition, operational efficiencies, improved control and governance and improved underwriting performance through data analytics.
  3. The relationships that we build with our clients and the user community that we have created with them over 13 years.