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Company Description

Description of Product or Services you would like to promote in the Association:

Copilot is the trusted underwriting workbench that is designed to make every underwriter your best one.

To start, Copilot automatically digitizes submissions from unstructured documents like broker emails, SOVs, loss runs, application forms, and supplemental applications. From there, Copilot prioritizes submissions that are most likely to bind and filters out risks that violate insurer guidelines. With Copilot's easy-to-use interface, underwriting leadership can rapidly update guidelines as their appetite evolves, such as in preparation for catastrophic weather events or in response to updated carrier guidance. 

Next, Copilot identifies key exposures from both first-party data and third-party data (e.g., news, online reviews, social media, legal filings, geographic risks, government databases, and the insurer's other vendor partners). Copilot then delivers these insights in a streamlined interface that is optimized for underwriters, so they can quickly review large schedules of value and correspond with distribution partners, all in one place. Every underlying datapoint is just a click or two away, as Kalepa provides full transparency into every risk.

Copilot's management dashboard also analyzes the book of business and delivers insights for leadership review - either of the program administrator or the backing carrier - so they can better manage their appetite, broker relationships, and underwriting team.

Copilot operates out-of-the-box: that means insurers reap the value from day one. Our secure cloud deployments provide world-class data protection without any development or maintenance on the insurer's end. Copilot also supports a variety of integrations, from simple email forwarding to easy-to-use APIs. These connections span the entire underwriting process, from transferring the submission to auto-populating rating information to audit trail reports on every bound risk. 

How does your product or service specifically target/benefit Program Administrators:

Copilot has several components that are specifically designed with program administrators in mind, including:

  • Turnkey Implementation: Copilot provides best-in-class underwriting support without any complex integrations, which helps program administrators who have smaller submission volumes or limited IT resources take advantage. Large, complex workbench implementations are often too burdensome for Program Administrators, which is why so many have found success with Copilot
  • Collaboration-Native: Copilot was built with collaboration in mind, allowing underwriters at Program administrators to share insights, decisions, and evidence with colleagues, managers, auditors, and carrier partners
  • Guideline Automation: Copilot can automate guidelines from carrier partners to ensure every quoted risk is in appetite
  • LOB- and Class-Specific Risk Analysis: Copilot surfaces only the relevant insights, which differ by class and LOB. This allows Copilot to effectively serve the same niche areas that program administrators specialize in, instead of overwhelming PA underwriters with unrelated information

Program administrators who use Copilot are able to stand out to partners by improving audit performance and secure reinsurance with higher limits thanks to improved underwriting performance and controls.

What differentiates your product from others in the marketplace?

Copilot is the only solution that leverages the best of human and artificial intelligence for underwriting. 

On the human side, Copilot's interface is designed to empower underwriters by providing crystal clear explanations and full transparency into every recommendation. This delivers a far more efficient experience to underwriters, relative to alternatives like an obtuse data feed or a static workbench that was not optimized for their minute-to-minute job. 

On the AI side, our models identify key insights from first- and third-party data to deliver value in areas that insurers and other vendors have not been able to solve. 

Both elements feed into our proprietary machine learning flywheel. Copilot is also the only solution with closed-loop learning, which allows our models to improve with every underwriter action and better support underwriters every day.

This design allows Copilot to power underwriting that is faster AND more profitable, whereas other solutions focus on one or the other.

Lastly, Copilot is built to be the easiest software implementation an insurer ever takes on. Copilot works out-of-the-box, so underwriters can reap the value from day one. This is a major differentiator in a space where alternatives often take months or years to configure or build.