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Company Description

Break the mold with INSTANDA – a digital platform for the confident and innovative insurance professional. INSTANDA’s platform enables carriers and MGAs to create, build and implement complex insurance products in a matter of weeks or months. Capitalize on opportunities and be first to market with agility, speed, and ease. 

Description of Product or Services you would like to promote in the Association:

Built for insurers by insurers, INSTANDA takes a modern approach to a complex industry. With a fully digital insurance management platform, INSTANDA enables carriers and MGAs to design, build and launch simple to complex insurance products, including common products like auto and home to more elaborate offerings like flood, earthquake, or cyber. 

INSTANDA is an end-to-end insurance quote, issue, and manage solution. Operating exclusively as a SaaS platform on Microsoft Azure, insurers can seamlessly integrate with other third-party software and providers. INSTANDA takes insurers from concept, to creation, to launch, to revenue in exceptional timeframes. Whether an insurer is digitally shifting existing products, or launching new products, INSTANDA provides:

Core functionality: product management, quote management, policy management, claims management integrated forms, and workflows

Portals: distribute product lines to various channels, including direct to an insurer’s site, a producer portal, or an insured/self-service portal

Data management: Data insights to inform product building, including data integration and enrichment; support for data migration; and data and reporting into the performance of product lines. 

How does your product or service specifically target/benefit Program Administrators:

It eliminates the pain point of modifying or getting new products to market through slow policy admin systems by working with existing systems.

What differentiates your product from others in the marketplace?

Speed to Market: Insurers now have the option to be first to launch in a new market, with uniquely designed products that are completely customizable to each insurer

Flexible and Agile: Our cloud-native, SaaS platform empowers insurers to develop and distribute insurance products with ease.

No-code software allows business users to develop and maintain products, allowing IT to spend their time on other company initiatives. 

Transformation in stages: The configurable framework means that insurers can design and test the platform with speed – make changes to products quickly, launching them to market via distribution channels, assessing performance, and making tweaks in line with feedback, all in a short space of time.  

INSTANDA Successes:

Bunch Insurance developed and released their MVP offering in 6 weeks: 

Covenant Underwriters automated their processes through digital transformation: 

INSTANDA is available to purchase on Azure Marketplace: