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Company Description

Description of Product or Services you would like to promote in the Association:

AAIS offers Program Administrators an opportunity to jumpstart the next program, market, experience or opportunity that they want to realize.  As a program Administrator, membership with AAIS provides:

  • Initial and semi-annual program strategy updates
  • Guided access to Court-tested Rules and Forms for 34 countrywide P&C programs
  • Access to expert resources for technology, compliance, actuarial, data, program development and filing issues
  • Community knowledgebase and ecosystem of resources to further support and enable programs
  • Two-phase shared-success model that minimizes capital investment, ensuring alignment to rapid delivery of a successful, growing program that can be adapted to changing markets and needs.
  • Promotional, co-branding and networking opportunities with AAIS and other members of the AAIS ecosystem.

How does your product or service specifically target/benefit Program Administrators:

The combination of your market objectives and delivery experience with the AAIS program library, technology, expertise and community enables rapid delivery, modern experiences and efficient management for programs of any size or specialty.  Use the AAIS experts as part of your team, and AAIS infrastructure as your own, allowing the flexibility to work with different partners and maintain a consistent experience for your team and policyholders without the capital expense and technical hurdles and maintenance overhead.

What differentiates your product from others in the marketplace?

  • Accredited national advisory organization – one of only 2 in P&C, and only not-for-profit – we are only successful when our members are, and we are invested in improving our members performance and that of the industry overall, not in maximizing profit for ourselves. 
  • Program Asset Library - We have a library of more than 34 P&C programs, curated over the last 80 years with the input and experience of our membership enabling reliable, modern and evolving programs, with filed, proven content and modern delivery to speed the understanding and automation across your delivery process.
  • Transparency, flexibility, efficiency and innovation come standard – our programs anticipate your input, allowing rapid deployment of both standard and specialized offerings that create the opportunity for innovation when the cost to develop and the overhead to deliver a new program or try a new market is dramatically lower.
  • Modern technical infrastructure – facilitates analysis, maintenance, change, integration and innovation with a flexible, modular platform and wide ecosystem of delivery partners.