IVANS Insurance Solutions

IVANS Insurance Solutions

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Contact: Aleks Jhun

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Company Description

IVANS, a division of Applied Systems, is the property and casualty insurance industry’s exchange connecting insurers, MGAs, agencies and the insured. IVANS cloud-based software automates the distribution and servicing of insurance products. For more than 30 years, IVANS innovation and expertise has connected 30,000 independent insurance agencies and 380 MGA and insurer partners to enable millions of people to safeguard and protect what matters most in people’s lives.

Description of Product or Services you would like to promote in the Association:

IVANS makes it easier for Program Administrators to connect to agency and carrier partners to communicate market appetites and automate data exchange, creating business opportunities, increasing service and reducing time and cost associated with manual workflows.

IVANS is the insurance industry’s exchange connecting Program Administrators with agencies and insurer partners. Connecting you to the largest digital distribution network of more than 30,000 agencies, IVANS helps you build stronger business relationships, increase submission mix, and provide better service to agency partners and the insured to drive client retention and premium growth.

  • IVANS Markets provides insurers an industry-first application to instantly communicate appetite and identify new business opportunities with agencies. The application provides insight into agent’s book of business – at the city, state, and line of business – to build new agency and business opportunities. Additionally, IVANS Markets provides a new channel to market product details and communicate risk appetite directly.
  • IVANS Rating enables insurers to expand their distribution footprint by connecting to the largest digital distribution network. By leveraging insurers’ existing infrastructure and connecting directly into agents' daily quoting workflows, IVANS Rating increases product visibility while reducing time spent managing one-off agent quote and integration requests.
  • IVANS Download automates the generation and exchange of Personal and Commercial Lines policy, Claims, eDocs and Messages and other policyholder-related transactions from insurers to agencies and MGAs, driving connectivity between industry stakeholders to ensure that current, accurate information is continually available throughout the policy lifecycle

How does your product or service specifically target/benefit Program Administrators:

Program Administrators and MGAs require an automated way to market, distribute, and service insurance products. IVANS understands that Program Administrators require a direct way to market products, find agents for their business and reduce time spent managing manual tasks.

IVANS enables Program Administrators to:

  • Identify key growth areas and receive direct notification from agencies interested in new lines of business
  • More effectively market products through automated appetite communication
  • Strengthen and maximize current agency relationships while expanding your distribution footprint
  • Gain data-driven market insights on the most profitable lines of business and competitive rates
  • Attract agency partners and programs by increasing ease of doing business
  • Save your agency partners time and money by eliminating keystrokes

What differentiates your product from others in the marketplace?

IVANS is the insurance industry’s exchange, connecting more agencies, Program Administrators, and insurers. IVANS’ distribution and servicing technology provides a single solution for Program Administrators. Notable differentiators include:

  • 31+ Years: Experience translating and delivering insurance data between partners’ systems 
  • 45+: Number of agency management systems that integrate with IVANS’ open platform
  • 30,000+: Number of active agencies connected to insurers and MGAs via IVANS
  • 380+: Number of insurers systems with proven IVANS integration
  • 12 Million: Number download transactions exchanged via IVANS each month
  • 94: Percentage of insurer download transactions delivered by IVANS each month
  • 100: Percentage of IIABA Best Practices Agencies using IVANS technology