M & A Services, Inc.

M & A Services, Inc.

320 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022

W https://www.maservices.com

Contact: Vanessa Silva

E vsilva@maservices.com

P (212) 750-0630

Company Description

Merger & Acquisition Services, Inc. is a specialist advisory and financial services firm participating exclusively within the insurance industry. For 20 years Merger & Acquisition Services has been helping our clients achieve their strategic and financial goals.

Description of Product or Services you would like to promote in the Association:

Merger & Acquisition Services, Inc. is a boutique investment bank, specialist advisory and financial services firm devoted specifically to participants within the insurance industry.

Our mission is to provide concierge-level services and expertise within the insurance industry by assisting firms with their corporate development and acquisition/divestiture objectives.

Merger & Acquisition Services has closed more than 250 transactions over the past 25 years and has earned continuous placement within the "Top 5 Financial Advisors in Insurance Underwriting" according to S&P Global Market Intelligence/SNL Financial.

Our Services include:

  • Agency M&A Transactions

  • Carrier M&A Transactions

  • Agency Financing

  • Capital Raising

  • Strategic Advisory

  • Valuation Services

  • Program Business

  • Renewal Rights

  • Fronting Reinsurance

How does your product or service specifically target/benefit Program Administrators:

Merger & Acquisition Services has been instrumental in the placement of program businesses, serving either MGAs or insurance carriers.

For MGA clients, our firm's extensive relationship with numerous insurance carriers allows us to work with our clients and quickly identify and contact appropriate program administrators for their program. Using Merger & Acquisition Services for this process ensures confidentiality as introductions are only made to program administrators who understand your lines of business and are qualified to implement your program. Our advisors recognize the unique nature of a program relationship and work throughout the process to optimize the structure for the client, ensuring maximum overall value of the program. Our industry experience and client network enables M&A advisors to identify the ideal partner based upon your specific needs.

For Carrier clients, our firm is positioned to identify best in class MGAs to partner with on a program basis. Our extensive MGA database allows us to actively search for properties that meet our client’s requirements, which may include premium volume or lines of business criteria. Merger & Acquisition Services conducts confidential searches, which allows us to present our clients with opportunities which are strategic in nature and deliver favorable underwriting results. Our advisors work hand in hand with clients throughout this process with the goal of establishing long-term partnerships.

What differentiates your product from others in the marketplace?

Our Senior advisors have extensive expertise working within either the insurance carriers industry or distribution companies. Merger & Acquisition Services is one of the few boutique firms that has its own affiliated broker/dealer. Merger & Acquisition Services has secured a global footprint with offices in New York, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut and Grand Cayman.