Safe Password Video

Click the image below to view the Safe Password Video from TM Cyber Liability.



The Safe Password Video is designed to assist members in preventing cyber breaches.  The video highlights one of the risk management tools available in the newly developed TM Cyber Liability Insurance. 

“When former Joints Chief of Staff Admiral Mullen addressed the 2013 TMPAA Mid Year Meeting, he spoke about cyber risks that threaten our nation’s critical infrastructure but also indicated that individual US businesses faced these same threats and may not be adequately protected,” stated Ray Scotto TMPAA Executive Director.  “After listening to Admiral Mullen and our members, we made the decision to develop and provide a risk management and coverage solution specifically addressing the cyber exposures faced by program administrators.”
The TMPAA brought together two trusted members of the Association to develop this policy.  Edgewater Holdings celebrated its 20th anniversary pioneering many management liability products.  They have developed an expertise in Cyber Risk and created the TM Cyber coverage tailored to our members.  The Law Firm of Wilson Elser has an extensive Data Security and Cyber Liability Practice.  Wilson Elser is providing the risk management services available exclusively to TMPAA policy holders.

The new Safe Password Video is an example of the risk management services offered in this plan. 

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