Cyber Liability Coverage for TMPAA Members

When former Joints Chief of Staff Admiral Mullen addressed the 2013 TMPAA Mid Year event, he spoke about the cyber risks that threaten our nation’s critical infrastructure but also indicated that individual US businesses faced these same threats and may not be adequately protected.  After listening to Admiral Mullen and our members, the TMPAA moved to develop and provide a risk management and coverage solution specifically addressing the cyber exposures faced by our program administrators.
Cyber Liability Insurance is a critically important coverage for today’s business environment. Most standard insurance package policies will protect your agency against loss to tangible property but not loss of data. Data management is an essential part of business today which includes customer credit cards, employee health information, websites and marketing lists to name a few. Data has value and the management of this data creates duties and significant liabilities which may be protected by Cyber Liability Insurance (CLI).

The TMPAA has brought together two trusted members of the Association to offer this tailored coverage for your agency or company.

Edgewater Holdings recently celebrated its 20th anniversary pioneering many current risk liability products.  They have developed an expertise in Cyber Risk and created a coverage that is far superior to many Cyber products currently being rushed to market.

The Law Firm of Wilson Elser has been a member of the TMPAA since 2002 and has an extensive Data Security and Cyber Liability Practice.  Wilson Elser will be providing the Risk Management services available exclusively to TMPAA policy holders.

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