St. John's University's School of Risk Management Partnership

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The Target Markets Program Administrators Association has announced a collaboration between its Target University and the Center for Professional Education (CPE), an affiliate of St. John’s School of Risk Management (SRM). CPE now provides access to Target University's suite of 12 online, self-study courses on Program Administration and likewise, St. John's has granted Target Markets' members access to CPE courses.

"We are very excited about partnering with the School of Risk Management", said Heidi Strommen, Target Markets' President. "St. John's SRM is a prestigious institution with a rich history of insurance education dating back to 1901. We know that our members will want to take advantage of their CPE's outstanding course offerings."

Target Markets' members receive a 10% discount on all courses accessible in the Online Learning Portal of the Center for Professional Education, School of Risk Management.

Access the online learning portal. Use the following code for your discount when purchasing courses through St. John's:  SJU0113