Program Incubator Membership

The Program Incubator membership is designed for agencies that are working towards meeting our program administrator requirements within the next 24 months. Those requirements include managing a minimum of one program with binding and underwriting authority, some exclusivity with the carrier and a minimum of $1M in annual premium on the program book.

  • Eligible individuals/agencies should have a book of business in a particular business class or coverage with a minimum yearly gross written premium of $3MM (with at least 50 units) and basic data about the book performance in terms of loss history and growth; or, currently manage a program with binding and underwriting authority and are working towards meeting minimum premium requirements.

  • Eligible Insure Tech Program Administration startups must demonstrate that they have a technology/platform to write program business, a license to sell insurance and are seeking a carrier partner.

  • The Program Incubator membership is limited to 2 years, after which the incubator member must apply and qualify to become a regular TM program administrator member in order to continue participation in the association.

  • All agencies in this group enjoy full association benefits including access to the markets, education, service providers, consultants and expertise that exist in the Association while they develop their program. Our association flipbook outlines the access/resources to be realized. Click here to view the TMPAA Flipbook. 

  • During the Incubator Membership period, it is expected that individuals register and take the online courses offered by Target University that address the unique skill set of program specialists.

Incubator applications will be reviewed by a membership committee to determine eligibility.

The TMPAA defines Program Business as insurance products targeted to a niche market or class, generally representing a book of similar risks, typically placed with one carrier. Administration is done through Program Specialists who have developed an expertise in that market or class. Administrative responsibilities are negotiated between the Specialist and Carrier, but could include underwriting selection, binding, issuing, billing, and often marketing, premium collections, data gathering, claims management/loss control and possibly risk sharing. Program Specialists typically target their niches through differentiation either in product, risk management services, delivery mechanism or price. Specialists can distribute these programs through retail agents, wholesale brokers, or on a direct basis.

Contact us for more information about becoming a Program Incubator Member.