General Information

Here is some important information to note about the upcoming Trade Show:

  • Set up for the Trade Show can begin on Monday, May 1 after 8:00am. The Trade Show is scheduled to open on at 11:00am. We are providing lunch in the same room which should serve to drive attendees into this area.
  • Charges for inbound set up and outbound shipping are available here
  • Material received prior to April 28 may be subject to an additional storage charge.
  • Packages that were sent to the hotel will be delivered to the Trade Show room by Monday at 8:00am.
  • Payment of handling fees will be done through FedEx. Service Providers participating in the Trade Show must call the FedEx office (857-338-2258) to pay their fees prior to arriving at the event OR payment must be made at the FedEx office upon arrival for packages to be delivered to booths.
  • All packages must use the TMPAA shipping labels
  • Electric and A/V orders are placed directly with Encore. Internet access is provided by the TMPAA.
  • The Trade Show concludes on Tuesday, May 2 following the Networking Reception (6:30pm). Breakdown cannot occur DURING the reception. If you are unable stay through the reception, your booth must be broken down by 4:45pm. 
  • To reserve a table in the Trade Show, we must have acknowlegment of the TMPAA Email Solicitation Policy from someone in your organization.  

PLEASE NOTE: This is a tabletop event with 6’ tables. Your booth cannot exceed the 6’ space – we cannot grant exceptions.

For additional questions regarding the Trade Show, please contact:

Merrie Goodlander
TMPAA Assistant Director of Marketing Communications
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(302) 268-1016