Workshops & Presentations


2:30 PM

State of Program Business Study Presentation
Moderator: Chris Pesce, TMPAA President
Matt Sackett, DOXA Insurance Holdings, LLC
Stephen Leeret, Allied World Insurance Company
Ryan Armijo, Amwins Underwriting
Jim Blinn, Advisen, a Zywave Company

Dynamic fast paced presentation of major benchmarking areas explored in the 2021 State of Program Business Study. The presentation will be moderated by one of your program administrator peers with a panel of experts to comment on each of the benchmarked topics. Executive Summary of the 2021 State of Program Business Study will be made available at the presentation.


4:00-5:00 PM




8:30 AM


The Pearls of Intentional Leadership
Carla Harris, Morgan Stanley 

Changes in technology, how people live and work, will require new innovations in the insurance industry developing products that allow business and industry to take risk.

Creating an environment for this innovation demands a very different type of leadership. Gone are the days of the autocratic type leadership style that has been characteristic of producer cultures. In producer cultures, like financial services, a person could ascend to a leadership seat because they were the best equity trader, the insurance broker with the highest sales numbers or an M&A banker with the most revenues by their name, without any thought as to whether they could motivate and inspire people to maximize their potential. Interestingly enough, however, we are in an environment where motivational, inspirational, inclusive leadership is what is required to attract and retain the best talent in the market today, to spur innovation, and to build client trust. This type of leadership does not just happen, you must be INTENTIONAL if you want to be a powerful, impactful, influential leader in today's challenging environment. The "pearls" of Intentional Leadership are: Authenticity, Building Trust, Creating Clarity, Creating Leaders, Diversity, Innovation, Inclusivity, and Voice.

Carla Harris will connect these important lessons to innovations that are happening in the Insurance Industry, explore how clients are now thinking about Risk, and discuss the type of leadership that will be needed to prosper.


2:00 PM

Maximizing Compensation, Tax Advantages and the Value of Your Business
Kelly Drouillard, Live Oak Bank
Matt Hazelett, RPS Signature Programs

The growth of your business is a journey. To reap the rewards, owners must understand effective ways to maximize compensation along the way and maximize the value of the business. Too often owners that are considering a sale or succession strategy do not have a comprehensive financial approach to managing the proceeds from a sale to retire of start another business venture. Workshop attendees can expect to learn strategies to:

  • Maintain significant EBITDA for ideal valuation
  • Maximize cash compensation
  • Minimize taxes without long term commitments
  • Key operational and financial metrics
  • Retirement planning and wealth management post exit
  • Preparing for perpetuation or exit with strong financial position


4:00 PM

State of Ransomware for Businesses and the Insurance Industry
John Colis, Euclid Program Managers
Robert Walker, Wilson Elser
Michael Kar, Wilson Elser

Companies large and small have been fighting a losing battle against ransomware for years. The COVID-19 pandemic and transition to remote work for enterprises across all industries, along with the introduction and accessibility of cryptocurrency, has proliferated the volume and damage of these attacks. This has resulted in widespread media coverage, increased government attention, a hardening of the cyber insurance market, and a race to protect businesses from ransomware. This workshop will provide a concise overview of:

  • The state of insurance coverage for ransomware claims and their potential losses.
  • The players involved, from the insured victim company to the broker, carrier, incident response team, and regulators.
  • The anatomy of a ransomware cyber claim from breach to closure.
  • Best practices to prevent and respond to network security compromises including ransomware.



8:30 AM


Anatomy of a Fronted Program – How Program Administrators Can Leverage Expanding Fronting Options
Tom Gillingham, NFP
Brian Cohen, Arden Programs
Desmond Bohan, BMS Re
Jerome Breslin, Clear Blue Insurance Group
Lee Brenner, Swiss Re

Many program administrators have seen their capacity limited due to the hardening market conditions, through no fault of their own. Learn how you can take control of your program by forming your own reinsurance panel. In this highly interactive session, we will walk through each step of how you can create your own panel of reinsurers to support your specific program. The presentation will highlight key learning insights so you can understand the process and avoid potential pitfalls. Takeaways will include:

  • Using a hybrid or fronted vs traditional carrier for your program – pros and cons
  • Hybrid or fronted carriers are not all the same – how they work
  • Understanding the economics of the carrier and the reinsurance companies
  • What program administrators need to bring to the table
  • How to manage the process through the collection and presentation of your program data


10:30 AM

Making the Most of Your Marketing Dollar: Where You Should Be Focusing Your Spend, and Why
Emily Hathcoat, Risk Placement Services, Inc.
Jim Flynn, ONEFIRE, Inc.
Rich Look, Vertibrands Marketing

In this session, participants will learn:

  • Methods for measuring marketing ROI – what you should be measuring and why
  • Most effective marketing channels for branding, demand generation and client engagement
  • Best practices from IMCA Showcase Award winning campaigns