Workshops & Presentations


2:00-3:00 PM

State of Program Business Study Presentation
Moderator: Chris Pesce – President, Maritime Program Group
Yiana Stavrakis, Specialty Program Group
Amy Malanaphy,  Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
Kris Hill, QBE 
Tyler Hamilton, Alliant Specialty
Jim Blinn, Advisen

Dynamic fast paced presentation of major benchmarking areas explored in the 2019 State of Program Business Study. The presentation will be moderated by one of your program administrator peers with a panel of experts to comment on each of the benchmarked topics.

Executive Summary of the 2019 State of Program Business Study will be made available at the presentation.


4:00 PM

INDUSTRY SPEAKER: Prem Watsa, CEO, Fairfax Financial Holdings

Prem Watsa is Chairman and CEO of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, a holding company which, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in property and casualty insurance and reinsurance and investment management. Join us on Monday at the Summit where Prem discusses what has made Fairfax Financial a success as it enters its 35th year and how business can be a calling. Hear his view of the global economy, key insurance industry issues & trends, including those important to program administrators.



10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Lloyd's Open House
Opening Remarks by Andrew Brooks

Andrew Brooks, CEO of Ascot Group Ltd. and Chairman of the London Market Association, will provide opening remarks at the Lloyd’s Open House. In his address, Mr. Brooks will discuss the current state of the Lloyd’s market, performance management of Syndicates, updates on Lloyd’s US premiums, access to the market for new program managers and the "Future at Lloyd’s" proposals.

The Open House will feature:

  • Representatives from 14 Lloyd’s Syndicates
  • Market finding assistance for all types of programs including small and start up programs
  • Information about Lloyd's, the London Marketplace, and becoming a coverholder


2:00 PM 

Cognitive Bias Is Impacting Your Decisions and Bottom-Line
Arthur B. Seifert, CPCU, CIC, RPLU, President of Glatfelter Program Mangers
Lindsey Tepfer, Neuroscience Lab Research Associate at Temple University

What is cognitive bias and how does it impact our decision making? This workshop is an introduction to cognitive bias. Attendees will learn the evolutionary biological origins of cognitive bias and what can be done from a common-sense approach to mitigate the negative impact bias can have on our decision making.

We will review two great resources, Kahneman’s revolutionary Thinking Fast Thinking Slow and Michael Lewis’s The Undoing Project. We will use real life underwriting examples of how bias impacts decision making and then take a quick peek at the science behind the bias.

Attendees will:

  • Learn the most common biases that are impacting your underwriting results.
  • Learn the science behind the bias.
  • Learn ways to mitigate the impact of bias and make better underwriting decisions.
  • Be thoroughly entertained by this fast paced and useful presentation.


4:00-5:00 PM

The Compelling Case for Independent Actuarial Analysis
Moderator – Greg Thompson, TM Board Member, Business Founder and Advisor 
Bob Thompson, World Wide Specialty Programs
Brian Cohen, Arden Programs
John Mahoney, EverGuard Insurance Services

This workshop will provide compelling reasons why PAs should strongly consider independent actuarial analysis of their programs and demonstrate how it can improve your operation.

No actuaries will be used or harmed during the presentation. The story will be told by several of your program peers who have benefited from making this investment in their business. You can expect the following areas to be explored:

  • Addressing inaccurate findings in carrier analysis and exploring where carriers are getting their external data for development.
  • Identify issues proactively so you control the conversation
  • Opportunities to improve systems/procedures based on findings
  • Developing proprietary data to determine profit share, commission, negotiating agreements and business valuation
  • Finding errors in data



8:30 AM

GENERAL SESSION/Panel Presentation

The Changing Carrier Model – PA Access to Third Party Capital Partners
Moderator – Gavin Brennan, BMS Re US 
Dan Case, State National Companies
David Johnson, Topsail Holdings
Tony Barner, Accredited Surety and Casualty Company

Non-traditional capacity continues to grow and get closer to the original risk. Program Administrators may have increased access to this new capital and the opportunity to exercise more control of their program and profits. Come listen to the experts at BMS, influential capital providers, and fronting carriers to learn how programs are now being developed with non-traditional capital and explore the new opportunities that are available for their program business.

Attendees can expect to hear:

  • Why new/alternative capacity is entering the space and having success
  • Hurdles Program Administrators are facing when launching a program with non-traditional capital providers (fronting carriers & reinsurers)
  • Carriers decision on how to evaluate and work alongside non-traditional capital providers
  • Non-traditional reinsurers view of the marketplace and how they are looking to offer new/innovative structures


10:30-11:30 AM

The Management Discipline of Listening
John Colis, Euclid Program Managers

A recent Harvard Business Review article estimated that a significant portion of managers/leaders have a listening deficit. Characteristically, leaders have strong opinions and take decisive action, but the ability to stand down and listen allows you to fully empower, develop, inspire and retain your staff. Come listen to a program peer with 30 years experience managing insurance agency staff discuss this important skill set.

This presentation will cover:

  • The impact of poor listening skills
  • Demonstrating how good listening skills enhances your management ability
  • Uncovering problems
  • Providing accurate feedback
  • Getting others to listen to you