OneShield Announces Partnership with One Inc to Enhance Digital Payment Solution Offering

One Inc’s payment products integrations will now be accessible through OneShield’s extensive customer-facing marketplace of products. This will empower insurance carriers to harness more solutions, enhance capabilities and provide added value to their policyholders.

As the insurance landscape continues to evolve, carriers are increasingly seeking solutions that streamline processes, create efficiencies, and improve the overall customer experience. Through this partnership, OneShield and One Inc will leverage their respective expertise to address these challenges and empower insurers to thrive in today’s digital age.

“We are excited to formalize this partnership with One Inc,” said Cameron Parker, CEO of OneShield. “With One Inc’s industry-leading payment solutions now available in the OneShield marketplace, we can provide insurers with a more comprehensive suite of tools aimed at optimizing operations, reducing costs, and delivering superior service to their policyholders.”

One Inc’s digital payment platform provides insurers with a secure, seamless, and customizable payment process across multiple channels, including web, mobile, and call centers. Together with OneShield’s comprehensive solutions, insurers can now streamline the entire insurance lifecycle, from quote to claim, while providing their policyholders with convenient payment options and an exceptional user experience.

“This partnership will provide insurers with a single destination for a robust and comprehensive suite of digital solutions, including modern payment options such as access to our ClaimsPay and PremiumPay solution integrations,” said Ian Drysdale, CEO of One Inc. “We appreciate OneShield’s confidence in our digital payment solutions and capabilities. Their commitment to providing top-tier products that cater to the changing needs of insured individuals is commendable and aligns with our vision for the future of insurance.

The partnership between OneShield and One Inc underscores their shared commitment to innovation and customer success in the insurance industry. By leveraging both powerful platforms, insurers will be better positioned to adapt to changing market dynamics, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and achieve long-term growth and profitability.