Martin & Company Releases 2.0, the Apex of Bureau Monitoring and Circular Data Integration

September 27, 2022 - Martin & Company, an industry leader in providing consulting and technology solutions to the insurance industry, announces a newly improved and unmatched (MCA) 2.0. 

This new power platform leverages industry intelligence to assist carriers, managing general agents and program administrators to successfully take control of the responsibilities of keeping their products and programs compliant. MCA is highly recognized as the #1 circular monitoring platform in the industry that provides users a rich workflow environment that confronts compliance uncertainty and reduces disruption to your business. is a well-structured platform that tracks, organizes and summarizes rating bureau circulars as well as state bulletins and is the next generation compliance application bringing everything into a single repository. It has never been easier to review circular information and also assign tasks to key stakeholders, track progress, and run necessary reports to keep products and programs compliant. More and more companies are abandoning out-of-date legacy methods and manual efforts to track circulars. Gaining efficiencies and having a well-managed platform to monitor circulars and make critical decisions is best practices for any organization and that is what delivers to the insurance industry.

About (MCA) is the next generation circular monitoring platform that is replacing outdated tracking methods. MCA provides immediate access to thousands of bureau and state circulars with custom descriptions, action items and the ability to assign activities all in one repository. All actions relating to a circular are directly correlated. Companies can now search for historical records, log company actions, and track progress of a circular through the entire workflow for any circular in one application.
For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact:
Matthew Heilmann
Director of Business Development
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