One80 Expands Capabilities to include Lender-Placed Insurance Solutions and Insurance Tracking Services

February 9, 2021 - One80 is announcing the acquisition of van Wagenen, an industry leader in lender-placed insurance solutions, insurance tracking products, claims services, and other insurance related offerings.

Founded in 1930, van Wagenen is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and has approximately 123 employees. The company serves financial institutions of all sizes including local credit unions, regional banks and global lenders. van Wagenen provides lender-placed insurance solutions such as; lender-placed coverage for residential and commercial properties, blanket auto and mortgage insurance solutions, and collateral, mortgage impairment, equity and foreclosure protection programs.

Additionally, the company specializes in insurance tracking products which include; mortgage monitoring, auto lease and loan insurance tracking, and commercial real estate insurance tracking.

One80’s product suite will diversify to include lender-based insurance solutions, and insurance tracking products. van Wagenen offers an experienced team, and full range of custom, data-driven solutions. For over 90 years, customer satisfaction has been the core of van Wagenen’s business philosophy, offering a strong cultural fit to that of the One80 organization.