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Company Description

Description of Product or Services you would like to promote in the Association:

Plan and Conduct Assessments Related To Requirements Of The NAIC Managing General Agents Act (NAIC MGA Act): Identify key contractual requirements of all agreements; analyze data to identify potential risk; interview key management; execute audit lifecycle; assess financial statements, policy files and claims files; assess performance of key contract provisions; assess controls; review and test financial processes; test adherence to key technical underwriting guidelines; provide initial summary of issues and recommendations; and provide final report with action recommendations and supporting exhibits.

How does your product or service specifically target/benefit Program Administrators:

Our services related to the NAIC MGA Act enable Program Administrators to improve their operational and financial performance and provide insurers and reinsurers with confidence that Program Administrators understand and are in compliance with the requirements of the Act.

What differentiates your product from others in the marketplace?

The Global Insurance Services practice of FTI Consulting is recognized globally as a leading independent consultancy of insurance experts. Our team includes over 100 experienced professionals, including actuaries, claims specialists, CPAs, forensic accountants, investigators, and former regulators. We have direct experience in financial, operational, regulatory, litigation support, and data analytics across all lines of business within insurers, reinsurers and program administrators.