State of Program Business Panel

Christopher Pesce, President, Maritime Program Group
Jack Russell, SVP, Brokerage & Program Distribution, Allianz
Scott Hanson, Executive Vice President, AmRisc
Jim Blinn, Executive Vice President, Advisen


Program Business Shows the Advantages, Limitations of Specialization

Insurance executives from the carrier and distribution sides of property/casualty program business examine a new study that shows program administrators are able to build loyal, profitable relationships but struggle to expand those beyond the initial products.

Program Business Execs: Cyber Coverage Needs Better Forms, Loss Info

Insurance professionals in the carrier and distribution side of the insurance program sector said buyers in the middle and smaller markets are less willing to add additional coverages without a better understanding of the risks and coverage needs.

Program Business Execs See Shared Focus With Insurtechs on Costs, Value

Executives in the carrier and distribution sides of the insurance program business sector examine a new report that details how program administrators trail carriers in capitalizing on insurance-focused tech companies.