TMPAA Position on Reinsurance Intermediary Membership in the TMPAA

The core mission of the TMPAA is to create an environment that promotes and supports program business opportunities for Program Administrators and Carriers, connecting them directly at two national meetings, and providing information regarding expertise and appetites to build these relationships at all times during the year.

A majority of the Association's Program Administrator and Carrier Members, along with the TMPAA Advisory Board, have expressed their desire to continue cultivating the direct relationships between Program Administrators and Carriers and minimize the impact that reinsurance intermediaries may have on the group's current culture.

In September 2014, after an RFP process involving multiple reinsurance intermediaries, the TMPAA chose to partner with BMS Intermediaries.  Our plan at this time is regulate and monitor their involvement with all of our members and assess the value they bring to the Association.  

The Association will reevaluate this position at the conclusion of the 2015 calendar year.  Thank you.

Ray Scotto
TMPAA Executive Director
September 2, 2014