Best Practice Recertification

To maintain the integrity of the TMPAA Best Practice Designation, a recertification is required every 3 years. The objective is to learn about significant changes in an agency since the original visit and evaluation.

The first two Best Practice Designation recertifications can be be accomplished by conference call with the evaluator arranged at the convenience of the agency principal and staff that need to provide updated information. The third recertification (at the 9 year mark from the original Best Practice Award) will require an onsite visit from the independent evaluator. The anticipated length of recertification conference call will be between 60 and 90 minutes, and can be broken up into sections if key personnel are not available at the same time. A letter describing the required review material will be sent at the time of the of recertification.

The Best Practice Evaluator (a private independent contractor funded by the Association) has the authority to recommend that a full onsite recertification process be conducted prior to the third recertification, if they believe there have been significant changes in the agency requiring a more thorough review.

Some of these potential changes are listed below, although no one issue would automatically trigger the onsite review recommendation:

  • Major change in ownership
  • Substantial change in senior management staff (example: CEO, CUO, CFO)
  • Any senior management staff convicted of felony charges
  • Bankruptcy filed
  • Loss of license(s) to conduct business
  • Substantial change in industry segments served (example: construction vs. transportation)
  • Substantial change in lines of business written
  • Change in carrier(s) for more than 50% of business written
  • Any program(s) cancelled or non-renewed by carrier(s) in the past 3 years based on poor performance of the PA
  • Overall 3 years loss ratio exceeds 70%
  • More than one E&O claim filed
  • Decrease in more than 50% of business written in the past 3 years