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Leadership at the
 Mid Year Meeting
2010 Mid Year Meeting Review


Over 520 Program Business Professionals participated in the 2010 TMPAA Mid Year Meeting featuring a leadership theme kicked off by General Colin Powell (Ret.).

Program Agency Registrations represented 40% of the total attendance and included representatives from 110 Program Administrator/MGA’s


Feedback received directly from the attendees at the meeting was overwhelmingly positive, which was supported by the 150 Meeting evaluations completed after the event.
High points of the meeting were the keynote address from Colin Powell which attracted almost all meeting attendees to the General Session.
The “Social Media” presentation put together by Zurich apparently filled an education need of our members, as that one workshop had close to 200 participants.  The presentation from Marty Becker on Wednesday morning was also well received by the group. 
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Wilson Elser
The Hartford
York Programs
Breckenridge IS
Munich Re America
Hudson Insurance Company


TMPAA E&O Risk Retention Captive 

At the TMPAA Mid-Year meeting, we introduced  an E&O risk retention group designed for TMPAA program administrators. 


We understand the kind of E&O risks that program administrators face everyday.


Stable E&O costs – costs that won’t skyrocket in a hard market or when somebody sues your agency – that’s what we all want. An E&O action can get ugly. That’s why the right kind of E&O protection can make or break your agency.


Now it’s time to take the next step .  We’re in the middle of forming the core group of founders – those program administrators who get the chance to get in at the beginning. Be a part of the group that takes the first step to really control their claims and defense costs – in a soft market or hard market. 


The seminar presentation from the Mid-Year meeting is on the TMPAA website check it out or we can email it to you.


More than 20 of your fellow brokers have already said they want to know more. We can give you more details, answer your questions and help you decide if this new option – designed specifically for the TMPAA member – will work for you.


The Target Markets Insurance Company will be up and running this fall.  Help us make this one of the TMPAA’s most valuable initiatives– we’re here to make it work for you.


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US Risk / Lighthouse Underwriters Awarded TMPAA Best Practice Honors


The Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA) awarded US Risk / Lighthouse Underwriters the Association’s Best Practice Designation at their recent Mid Year Meeting in Baltimore, MD.


Bill Kronenberg, TMPAA President who presented the award stated, “The theme of our recent meeting focused on leadership.  We were fortunate to have General Colin Powell as our Keynote speaker who exemplifies this quality.  Our Association’s Best Practice Designation recognizes Program Specialists who function at the highest levels of this industry segment, and demonstrates leadership in Program Administration.  We are pleased to recognize US Risk / Lighthouse Underwriters as our newest Best Practice Designation recipient.”


Randall Goss, Chairman of US Risk Insurance Group, who received the award stated, “We, at US Risk are pleased to be recognized and honored by this award. We strongly support the TMPAA’s efforts toward developing and furthering the Best Practices of its member MGA's. Quality and Professionalism are the keys to the success of our industry."
US Risk / Lighthouse Underwriters can be found at



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Mark Kissick - York Programs

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10 Years in the Desert
and still an Oasis for
Program Administrators

Tenth Annual TMPAA Summit
October 18-20, 2010
Westin Kierland Resort
Scottsdale, AZ

The TMPAA is celebrating Ten Years of promoting excellence in Program Administration. From a handful of administrators, carriers and vendors in 2001, the TMPAA now has 200 Program Administrator Members, 55 Carriers and 65 Vendors,  All who specialize in Programs!

The 2010 Summit will continue our tradition of providing “The Most Intensive Three Days of Program Related Issues You’ll Ever Experience”

Keynote Speaker Rudy Giuliani
Industry Speaker: Kevin Kelley (Ironshore Inc.)
 Plan to attend early and participate in the 2010 TMPAA Charities Networking Golf Tournament at the Kierland Golf Club.

Key Meeting Sponsors



Wilson Elser

York Programs


Hudson Insurance

Liberty Mutual Commercial Affinity


  2010 TMPAA / Rough Notes Supplement  

Only Target Markets members can take
       advantage of this opportunity
Rough Notes is dedicating a special supplement within their September 2010 issue exclusively to Target Markets and Target Markets Members.  Our Previous Six Supplements were a tremendous success.  Last year's supplement was over  150 pages!!
The Offer is as follows: 

A full-page feature about your company and a full page, four-color advertisement within the Target Markets Special Section for $4,500.  
A full page professionally written profile of your company to run opposite your ad.
500 color reprints of your ad and article for $1 each.   

Significant bonus distribution at many industry events.

The deal is worth repeating: $4,500 for a two-page spread in Rough Notes magazine, a significant discount off the usual full-page rate, plus a page of professionally written editorial about your business, and a significant bonus distribution visibility; and i f you choose to use it as such, a collateral marketing piece of 500 reprints for $500.
E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you are interested in this opportunity, or contact Eric Hall, VP Advertising Rough Notes, at 800-428-4384, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    
Services for your Agency Operation


Are you taking advantage of the services developed in partnership by the TMPAA and our Vendor Partners?  Please consider the following




HR Outsourcing


Focus on your core business and allow Oasis Outsourcing to streamline your administrative responsibilities and potentially lower your cost by up to 30% annually.  Oasis Outsourcing provides state-of-the-art payroll processing, competitive group health care benefits from leading providers, human resources services, 401k, employee training & development, workers’ compensation, employment liability coverage, and much more to have a Fortune 500 package for your company and employees.


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License Maintenance

Supportive Insurance Services specializes in non-resident licensing and licensing maintenance for agents, agencies, adjusters and companies of all sizes. Outsourcing all your insurance licensing will save you time headaches and money.  Spend more time selling and meeting with clients by outsourcing this important agency function.


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MGA Contract Reviews


Development of a solid MGA Contract with your Carrier Partner is a critical first step in building a successful and profitable business relationship. A professional review of that contract in the development or renegotiation process is a service now provided by TMPAA Vendor, Wilson Elser.


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Tysers Named Exclusive TMPAA London Broker


The TMPAA has partnered with Tysers to assist TM members with their access to London Markets.  Tysers has worked closely with US based Program Administrators structuring programs suited to the London market. They have been successful in setting up programs for a broad range of classes including the following: 

  • Property
  • General Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Accident, Health and Contingency
  • Transportation  

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 Welcome New Members

Please take a minute to review our newest members of the Association. Additional details for our Carriers and Vendors can be found on the Carrier / Vendor Information Page of the TM website.


Coastal Insurance Underwriters, Inc.

Chuck Bushong

(904) 285-7683

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Professional Risk Management Services, Inc.

Martin Tracy

(703) 907-3872

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VeriClaim, Inc.

Kevin Thar

(630) 815-8686

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Vertafore, Inc.

Jamie Salazar

(800) 444-4813

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The attendee list for the 2010 Mid Year incorrectly listed the programs for one of our members.  Here is the correction:


Coastal Insurance Underwriters, Inc

Chuck Bushong CPCU

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Condo Assoc- All Lines

Diff in Condo-Mold

HOA’s All lines



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