Service Provider Best Practice Solicitation Guidelines

Service providers play a critical role in the success of the TMPAA and in the businesses of member agencies/companies. Our goal is to create an environment that allows service providers the opportunity to articulate their specific solution or product to members of the Association.

With over 100 current service providers, many members of the Association have found the volume of contacts in advance of our two annual events challenging to manage. They have requested that best practice guidelines be established to assist service providers in developing a strategy that allows for connections with their most likely business partners.

The following are Best Practice recommendations for your outreach:

  • Spend time with the membership/attendee lists to focus on your most likely business prospects. A more targeted outreach will benefit you and TM members.
  • Frequent and untargeted email solicitation regarding your product or solution may result in more reputational damage than business opportunities. Again, a more focused approach is your best option.
  • Phone calls to schedule meetings at TM events should originate from an assistant or the individual who will be attending the event.
  • Call center marketing to schedule appointments for company officials should be avoided.
  • Direct mail/post cards followed by a direct company contact is seen as an optimal method of communication.