Core Specialty Announces Excess Liability Program with Synchronosure

Advisen - January 10, 2023 - Core Specialty Insurance Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Core Specialty” or the “Company”) announced the launch of a new excess liability program, in conjunction with Synchrono Group Inc. (“Synchronosure”). 

The program provides up to $5 million in excess liability coverage, attaching at $11 million and higher, to small and middle-market businesses operating within over 550 industry class codes. The program will be available nationwide on a non-admitted basis, exclusively through Synchronosure.

Jeff Consolino, President and CEO of Core Specialty, commented, “Our Fronted Programs Division is pleased to work with Synchronosure to offer small to medium-sized businesses higher excess liability coverage to further insulate them from loss. We are also pleased to participate in the risk alongside a select group of high-quality reinsurance companies.”

Steve Hartman, Founder and CEO of Synchronosure, said, “We are excited to launch this program with Core Specialty, a leader in the excess casualty space. Synchronosure’s experienced underwriters and proprietary technology positions us to offer effective underwriting and pricing decisions in seconds and minutes rather than hours and days, providing a meaningfully differentiated service for our producers. In a 24/7 world, business operates faster than ever, and we have intentionally built Synchronosure to meet that need.”