Beazley Updates MediaTech Policy with E&O, Cyber Coverage

June 6, 2019 - Specialist insurer Beazley has streamlined its MediaTech insurance policy to provide clear and concise wording and combined comprehensive errors and omissions (E&O) and media liability insurance with cyber coverage.

Beazley’s E&O and media coverage includes:
Broad professional liability to address the need to cover non-technology professional services;
Unintentional breach of contract for professional liability exposure;
Online and offline media, including content published on social media;
A wide range of trade secret misappropriation claims;
Unfair competition alleged with copyright or trademark infringement;
Mental anguish and emotional distress;
Defamation, invasion of privacy and plagiarism.

Cyber coverage has also been incorporated into the policy. This includes:
Breach response costs;
First-party coverage for cyber extortion;
Data recovery costs;
Business interruption and dependent business interruption resulting from security breaches and system failures;
E-crime coverage for fraudulent instruction fraud, funds transfer fraud and telephone fraud.

Beazley offers access to a full suite of pre-breach and risk management services through its in-house Beazley Breach Response Services team.

As well as accessing Beazley’s newest E&O coverage, businesses can also access its team’s claims experience. E&O claims have involved software failures, hardware defects, implementation errors and downtime, as well as intellectual property rights and personal injury disputes arising from media content.