Code of Ethics

As the country's premier Association of Program Business Professionals, the TMPAA has established a few simple principles
to guide our everyday practice. All members of Target Markets are expected to abide by these standards.

ONE Always conduct business with professional integrity. Be honest with insureds and agents about your products and capabilities.
Advertise and market honestly. Compete vigorously, but by the rules.

TWO Pro-actively comply with State Insurance Regulations. Observe the spirit and letter of regulatory expectations and law.
Seek competent legal guidance when necessary and avoid legal interpretations of policy documents.
Seek policy interpretations from your company whenever possible.

THREE Exercise financial prudence and maintain a positive quick (aka-current) ratio.

FOUR Treat sub-producers with respect and deliver "sense of urgency" service. Deal with any complaints directly and honestly.
Use these opportunities to improve your service.

FIVE Never compromise underwriting standards. Creating a profitable book of business occurs one risk at a time.
Long-term profitability outweighs shortterm financial gains.

SIX Always provide carriers with accurate and complete information.
Treat your insurers like the true business partners they are and work with them to develop a successful program together.

SEVEN Invest in continuous training and development of staff.
Meet your obligations to your customers and business partners by staying abreast of changes in your operating environment
and your customers' and carrier's needs.

EIGHT Participate in the policing of our own profession and peers in the Association as it relates to compliance with our
Ethical Business Practice Standards.

NINE Act collaboratively with other members of the Target Markets Program Administration for the greater good of the
Association and the profession.

TEN Commit to a policy of "Fairness" even if the market and competitors allow otherwise.